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Our Honors (Awards Bestowed) 我們的榮譽 (獲獎消息) 2021-11-26

Continuing our tradition of outstanding achievements, we congratulate our students for reaping the rewards of success in major competitions. 

Our students entered the 24th Tuen Mun Primary Interschool Track and Field Competition organized by the Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation and won the following awards.
本校參加「香港學界體育聯會 屯門區小學分會第二十四屆小學校際田徑比賽」, 並獲以下獎項:

1.1 Individual Competition(個人)

• C Grade Girls’ 60 metres (First Runner-up) 女丙 60米 亞軍 

• A Grade Boys’ 40 metres (Second Runner-up) 男甲 60米 季軍 

• A Grade Boys’ 100 metres (Ranked Sixth) 男甲 100米 第六名

• B Grade Boys’ Softball (Ranked Sixth) 男乙 壘球 第六名 

• B Grade Girls’ High Jump (Ranked Sixth) 女乙 跳高 第六名

• A Grade Boys’ High Jump (Ranked Eighth) 男甲 跳高 第八名

1.2 Team Competition(團體)

• C Grade Girls’ Team (Ranked Sixth) 女丙團體 第六名

A Primary Two student took part in the “2020-21 J3-J12 Hong Kong Children's Painting Competition” and won a silver award for Chinese painting.

Three students from Primary Three, Four and Six entered the 4th Primary Interschool Music Contest (2021) held by Madam Lau Kam Lung Secondary School of MFBM and won bronze awards.