English Language 英國語文科


We aim to assist our students in improving their abilities and in appreciating English as a medium of communication, as well as a tool that they can use in their daily lives and activities. More importantly, we hope to develop confidence in students and to foster a lifelong interest in English.

(1) Reading
  We introduce a variety of reading materials, themes, and text types, and teach basic reading skills in order to help students decode words, foster their interest in reading and develop good reading habits.
(2) Writing curriculum
  We have a school-based writing framework, where all writing exercises have been specifically designed to match the vocabulary that students have learnt from their textbooks and dictations, in order to better equip them to complete their writing exercises. Students are expected to be trained systematically and should be able to write individualized writing using the spiral school-based writing curriculum, writing helpers and teachers' guidance.
  All students in our school have been levelled using the Lexile Reading Framework. This is a scale which examines students' reading levels. Students' reading abilities will be examined regularly after reading 15, 30 or 45 English books.
(4) Net Scheme
  In order to gain exposure to English and strengthen the teaching of English, we have Mr. Darren as the Native English Teacher (NET) in our school. Let's read a letter from Mr. Darren.
(5) Phonics : Read Write Inc (RWI)
  RWI is a comprehensive phonics programme which aims to enhance students' pronunciation in English. This programme is utilised in KS1 (P.1 - P.3) in our school.
Simple Speed Sounds chart
Complex Speed Sounds chart
RWI Green /Red word cards
(6) V-POWER Scheme

V-POWER is a vocabulary-building scheme which aims to strengthen students' learning of new English words. Through the scheme, we anticipate that our students will become more motivated to build up their vocabulary pool. With the collaboration of teachers and parents, it is definitely a tool to help students strive for better English.

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(1) Healthy Breakfast English Style
Our native English teacher has a fun and healthy English breakfast with students. Together with local teachers, the students are encouraged to speak in English, share and taste different kinds of fruit, cereals and drinks. They can also learn table manners and practise their oral English in this unique programme.
(2) Super V-POWER Scheme

This English enrichment programme is specially designed for strengthening elite students' listening, speaking and presentation skills.

P.4 Passage
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P.4 Extensive Reading
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P.2 Passage
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(1) Interview skills
In the hope of well-equipping P.6 students for their next stage of life, here are some skills for them to prepare for different interviews.
P.6 interview skill (ppt)
P6 interview sample (mp3)


(2) Dictation

Students of all levels are welcomed to visit this dictation page in order to revise for the upcoming dictation by using the recordings.

(3) Acknowledgement
2021 Acknowledgement
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