Message from the Headmistress 校長的話

Thanks to God's love, guidance along with His blessings, has provided students with quality education in Tuen Mun for over thirty years.

As a Christian school, we emphasize the nurture of students' all-round development - spiritually, morally, intellectually, physically, socially as well as aesthetically. We hope that under our teachers' guidance and support, our students may become elites in society.

We are grateful to have missionaries from the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, U.S.A. in our midst. Through their support and our teachers' effort, our school has successfully created an international Christian culture campus with stress on developing students' Christian faith belief, language proficiency (especially in English) and broadening students’ international horizons.

It is my honour to work in Lui Cheung Kwong Lutheran Primary School. May the gracious Lord give me extra strength and faith that I need to lead the school into His glory.

Ms. Wong Yee Wa
B. Ed, M. Ed, M.A.FCFE





作為一所基督教學校,本校重視學生「靈、德、智、體、群、美」 六育的全面發展,致力為未來社會孕育品學兼備的優秀人才。


能在呂祥光小學謙卑為主作事工,實乃一種福份。求主繼續善用給我的恩賜與忠心, 帶領團隊為主作光作鹽,榮神益人。

B. Ed, M. Ed, M.A.FCFE