Background Information 學校背景

Lutheran Education Worldwide

The Lutheran Church of Hong Kong is our sponsoring body which offers first-class education, through its vast network of 2,613 schools all over the world, including universities, international schools, secondary schools, primary schools and kindergartens.  In Hong Kong, there are 2 international schools, 6 secondary schools, 6 primary schools, 12 kindergartens and 10 kindergartens, along with two other international schools located in mainland China.




Unique Educational Resources

Each year, the Lutheran Church in the United States dispatches foreign missionaries to our school through the International Volunteer Program and the Short-Term Mission Teams to spread the word of Jesus Christ and give teachers and students a richer understanding of distinct culture-specific practices, enabling us to foster an international culture at the campus.  Likewise, we also send teachers and students to Lutheran Elementary School in Australia and the Lutheran Church in the United States annually for academic exchanges of gospel message, providing them with unparalleled opportunities to live in the host family of the local church to not only experience the native customs but also use authentic English in context as they learn, which further broadens their perspective of the world.



School Name

During the Tongzhi reign of the Qing Dynasty, Christianity initially spread to Qilin Town, Puning, Chiu Chow, where Mr. Lui Cheung Kwong resided as a young man and the eminent father of the philanthropist, Mr. Lui Ming Choi.  Through the preaching of the gospel, Mr. Lui Cheung Kwong came to faith in Jesus without hesitation and led his family to receive the sacrament of baptism to start a new life as a Christian.  By virtue of his fervent belief in Christianity, he did not worship the ancestral idols with villagers to adhere rigorously to the Biblical principles and thence he was eventually crowded out of the countryside to seek freedom in following his religion.

Lui Ming Choi Foundation was established as a result to respect and admire his braveness and loyalty to God.  With the assistance of the Education Department and the Lutheran Church, the Foundation was named after Mr. Lui Cheung Kwong and founded Lui Cheung Kwong Lutheran Primary School in honour of the distinguished contribution he made to the Baptist church.  As the sole primary school in Hong Kong named after the late Mr. Lui Cheung Kwong, we are adjacent to Lui Cheung Kwong Lutheran College and Lui Cheung Kwong Lutheran Kindergarten.




School History

Founded on February 2, 1982, we are an aided primary school admitting both boys and girls, with the teaching of "benevolence, joy and peace" as our school motto.  In September 2005, we were converted to a whole-day school whereas the PM school moved to the new premises in Butterfly Estate, Tuen Mun, which is the present Lutheran Tsang Shing Siu Leun School.