Linguistic & Interpersonal Intelligence 語文及人際智能

We pride ourselves on providing a stimulating learning environment in which all students tap into their full potential and it is our belief that verbal-linguistic intelligence is indispensable for language development. To arouse students' interest in languages and develop their linguistic competence, we run Korean and Japanese courses in addition to conducting interesting activities like English drama, Putonghua storytelling, the reader theatre and talk shows. Furthermore, we enter the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival each year in both solo and choral verse-speaking to empower students with self-esteem, a sense of responsibility and confidence in their own ability.
語言智能對於學生來說相當重要,因此學校希望能從活動中提升學生語言的興趣,包括於「多元智能課程」中安排學習外語﹕韓、日語、English Drama、普通話說故事、Reader Threatre、文字探秘、我是小演員、Talk Show等發掘學生在語言上的才能﹔此外,本校安排了各項朗誦訓練﹕包括中、英及聖經獨誦訓練,也有中、英文集誦隊,並代表學生參加比賽,提升自信。