2021-2022 Primary One Admission Result 2021-2022 小一自行分配學位派位結果

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Registration Instructions:


1. Registration Period: 25th – 26th November, 2020 (9 a.m. – 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. – 4 p.m.)

一. 註冊日期及時間︰2020年11月25及26日 (上午9時至12時 及 下午2時至4時)

Please be advised that failure to register at our school within the registration period will be deemed to be withdrawal of our school place offer.  


2. Registration Procedure: 

二. 辦理註冊手續 :

    To register with our school, parents are required to: 

  1. present their copy of the "Application Form for Admission to Primary One" to our personnel at the Information Counter on the ground floor, and
  2. sign a slip to acknowledge the receipt of the child's  "Registration Certificate for Primary Admission" in duplicate.

3. Remarks: 

三. 備註:

  1. Upon completion of the registration procedure to surrender the "Application Form for Admission to Primary One" to us to confirm the acceptance of our school place, parents are bound to honour this undertaking in a similar vein as us. 
  2. Parents will be informed in writing again in June 2021 to go to our school to complete the registration by the deadline.
    本校將於 2021年6月再向家長發信通知來校辦理有關入學事宜。

In the event that your child misses out on a school place in the interim and you aspire to get into our school to prepare for your child's academic future, we encourage you to choose us as your first choice when completing the form for the POA Central Allocation to seek to maximize the chance of being allocated to our school.  

如 貴子弟未能在現階段獲派小一學位,可在統一派位時選填本校作第一志願,以增加成功取錄的機會。